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僕は のアカウントで洋書を何冊も購入済みだったので、これまで iPad や Android の Kindle アプリは全て に紐づけて使っていました。ただ、そろそろ の Kindle ストアでも本を買いたくなってきました。

問題は、一台の Kindle アプリは か のどちらかとしか紐づけられないことです。一台の Kindle アプリで両方の Kindle ライブラリの本にアクセスするには、1.  アカウントを統合するか、2. Kindle ライブラリをリンクする必要があります。

今回は のチャットサポートに連絡してライブラリをリンクしてもらったので、その経過を書き留めておきます。同じ作業で日本の Amazon の電話サポートに問い合わせた人もいるようです。

まず、 のManage Your Kindleの Web ページに行くと、次のようなメッセージが表示されます。

Great news! You can now shop for Kindle titles at Consolidate your libraries and manage them from Change your preferred shopping site to the Kindle Store to shop for Japanese titles in Yen. Learn more...

「Learn more...」をクリックすると Kindle ライブラリをリンクして、以降 の Kindle ストアで買い物したいかを聞かれるので、そのまま進むと のアカウントとパスワードを入力させられます。


We are unable to consolidate your libraries

There are situations in which we are unable to consolidate your libraries. Please contact Amazon Customer Service for assistance with consolidating your Kindle library with your other Kindle library.
For further assistance, you may contact Kindle Customer Service:


結論からいうと、30 分ほどのやり取りを経て Kindle ライブラリのリンクが無事完了しました。


Initial Question: I'd like to consolidate my Kindle libraries (I have both Japanese and US Kindle accounts and failed to consolidate them.

05:25 PM(GMT) Mary(CSA): Hello, Thank you for contacting chat. My name is Mary. I hope your day is going well.
05:26 PM(GMT) Mary(CSA): I can see you are concerned with your kindle libraries Jun. In this case, I’ll have to transfer you to our kindle support team., They would be able to assist you further. Please hold on a bit.
05:26 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: Sure, thanks 😉
05:27 PM(GMT) Susie(CSA): Hello, I’m Susie from I’ll be happy to help you.
05:27 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: Hi Susie, thanks for helping me to address the issue.
05:28 PM(GMT) Susie(CSA): Please give me a moment.
05:30 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: Sure.
05:30 PM(GMT) Susie(CSA): Let me transfer this chat to the Kindle team. I’ll take only a few moment.
05:32 PM(GMT) Tom(CSA): Hey there Jun, my name is Tom, let me get you to the superior level in tech support so they can help you with your request, one moment please
05:33 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: All right, please take your time. I hope you’re the last person to talk to 😉
05:35 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Hi Jun thanks for waiting. I’m sorry that you were transferred multiple times. Not to worry, I will help you with this.


05:36 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Just to verify, you want to merge the accounts of your and
05:36 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: Yes, I’d like to merge them.
05:37 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: Well, to be more specific, I’d like to merge Kindle libraries.
05:37 PM(GMT) John(CSA): I see. Currently that option is not available. The and are different market place. As our international websites operate independently.
05:38 PM(GMT) John(CSA): We store all your purchases from the Kindle Store on Amazon account so you can access your books and other content from multiple Kindle devices and Kindle reading apps, as long as the Kindle devices and Kindle reading apps are registered to the same account.
05:39 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: I visited this website saying asking “Would you like to consolidate your libraries and manage them from the Kindle Store?”
05:40 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: Does this “consolidation” mean merging Amazon accounts?
05:40 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Let me double check that one for you. please give me a moment.
05:42 PM(GMT) John(CSA): I have tried to access the link you provided,are you getting error message when you click the “yes, consolidate my libraries”?
05:43 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: That’s right. I get an error message saying “We are unable to consolidate your libraries. There are situations in which we are unable to consolidate your libraries. Please contact Amazon Customer Service for assistance with consolidating your Kindle library with your other Kindle library.”

さらに、ブラウザのせいで統合がうまくいかないケースがあるのか、Firefox で試すように言われました。

05:45 PM(GMT) John(CSA): I see. What is the web browser are you using to access your Amazon account?
05:45 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: Google Chrome on a Windows 8.1 Pro x64 PC.
05:46 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Do you have a mozilla firefox?
05:46 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: I’ve just tried the procedure with IE11 and got the same result.
05:47 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: Currently no. Should I install it right now?
05:47 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Yes please try the Mozilla now. I will hold here while you do that. Thanks.
05:48 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: All right, thanks
05:49 PM(GMT) John(CSA): You’re most welcome.
05:49 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: Same results on the newest Firefox build.
05:50 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: (Firefox 26.0 on Windows 8.1 Pro)
05:50 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Let me check what we can do on this. Please give me a moment.
05:51 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: Sure thing.
05:54 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: JFYI, I tried the same procedure on my Mac OS X Mavericks + Safari and got the same result.


05:55 PM(GMT) John(CSA): I’m sorry to keep you waiting. It’ll just be a moment longer.
05:58 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Just to verify Jun, are you trying to migrate your account to or vise versa?
05:59 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: I’m currently living in Japan and would like to access Kindle contents from my Japanese Kindle devices.
06:00 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: So I think it falls in the former case.
06:01 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Thank you for that information. We are currently looking into this issue. Please bear with me.
06:02 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: All right.
06:04 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Hi thanks for waiting.
06:05 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Do you have an email address on
06:05 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: It’s my@amazon-account, the same as’s address.


06:06 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Thank you. Can you please try to sign out and sign back in to your amazon account: I linked your and accounts.
06:07 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: sounds promising… please wait for a momment.
06:07 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Sure. Take your time.
06:07 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: Cool! I see contents from Kindle in my Kindle library.
06:07 PM(GMT) John(CSA): Excellent! I’m glad that issue has been fixed. 🙂
06:07 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: That was perfect 😉
06:07 PM(GMT) John(CSA): I’m glad to hear that It has been my pleasure to assist a valued customer like you. Is there anything else that I may assist you with for today?
06:08 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: At this moment, no. Everything is settled.
06:09 PM(GMT) John(CSA): I’ve sent you a reference on your email that you may find very helpful. You can check it for your reference. Please make sure to check it, alright? Feel free to contact us back anytime and we are more than happy to help you. Thank you for contacting Kindle Support.Have a wonderful day!
06:09 PM(GMT) Jun Kato: Sure. Have a nice day, too!
06:09 PM(GMT) John(CSA): You take care! Bye now. We look forward to seeing you again soon. To close this window, please click the “end chat” link.